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Dating and other atrocities

You'll understand the gif once you're done reading

A while ago, I promised you a post about time. I'm sorry I didn't keep that promise. Funny thing, I can't even keep track of time myself, and I'm obviously not a pro at managing my time. In addition to that, I've had some crazy days and nights. I feel like I crammed all experiences people make in their twenties into only two weeks. Fortunately, my face and skin are still tight despite getting tight on almost every night. And now, I'm going to calm down a little. (At least that's the plan. Not sure if I'm actually going to stick to it in the end. 🤪)

So what did you miss?

I started online dating again, as it didn't seem to work out with the guy I mentioned in one of my last posts. He ghosted me ghosted after I decided that I didn't want to do kinky stuff with him after all. Just like you do when you're a real class act. (I eventually heard from him not that long ago, but of course knew that I couldn't expect anything from him.)

Besides, I'm socially awkward. And so I downloaded Tinder again for the umpteenth time, well knowing that I'd read a bunch of passive-aggressive bios, and look at dudes working out or frenching their dogs.

Somehow, I still managed to find a few who didn't seem ultrabasic, and had a couple of matches with guys who were able to send me more than a one-word-opener. I even had plans to go on a date with one guy who, according to his profile, was looking for the last first date. Pretty quickly, we'd decided on a day, but hadn't discussed any other details yet. I ended up having to cancel but suggested another day instead, which didn't work for him. When I asked when he had time, his answer was (verbatim): "Time? I have no time." No irony and no suggestions from his side either.

My mind was blown. How does this guy think to meet people, never mind a last first date if he isn't even capable to take one or two hours out of his day to actually get a first impression? And I'm honestly getting very damn tired of people who claim that they don't have time. No time to text, no time to call, no time to meet up. It's all bullshit. We all have 24 hours per day, it just comes down to time management and, more importantly, priorities. Of course, I get that no one is going to drop everything they're doing just to meet some rando from Tinder. But a total lack of commitment just doesn't make me wanna date you at all, no matter how many kids in Africa you helped, or how many fish you caught.

And then there's this other guy I've been talking to. Smart, ambitious, eloquent, pretty much the whole package. And of course, it doesn't hurt that he's hot AF. But he too is one of the no-time-to spare-group and I was already getting fed up with not hearing from him until we ran into each other in the subway. And now I'm smitten again, even though I can already see how it's probably not going to end well for me. The thing is, I don't really care. He just needs to smile at me, and I'm swooped off my feet all over again.

I'm really stupid when it comes to dating.

Talking about stupid: When I started writing this post around a week ago, I was set to change the way I talked about kinky dude. I felt a little bad for how I talked about him, and after we texted again. So the initial plan was to rewrite that part and give him more credit. Turns out my way of describing him was actually way too kind. Last week, I found out that he had a girlfriend. Not only that, this pathetic lowlife looser also tried to pimp me out to his friends. But don't be sad for me, I made sure he's going to rot in the karmic hell of his own creation after I did what every regular psycho would do and sent e-v-e-r-y single compromising screenshot of our convos to his now ex-girlfriend.

In the end, it's really not surprising that I've been partying so much lately. The opposite would be weird. To say it in the words of my former boss at the bar I used to work at in Paris: "Soon it's 6 [or whatever time our shift ended]. Then we can drink. And then we'll forget."

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