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J Louise Winter; pictured above. 

content curator and point of contact for the Dark Passenger Diary. 

Louise is a model, currently based in Cologne, Germany 

Who is the Dark Passenger?

The "Dark Passenger" is an affectionate nickname I've given to my dear friend, X. 

I chose the Dark Passenger name for him when he revealed to me his personal treasure trove - the collection of portraits that he'd been taking while traveling for the past dozen or so years. All of the photos that you'll find on this website are the courtesy of X's work, though for a long while he had no interest in sharing them with the world.

After much discussion, deliberation, and, (on my end), convincing - X understood that his collection was too beautiful to keep private. The overarching theme of sensuality, the intimacy which he was able to convey with the most simple of means, leave a texture that I found missing from the vast sea of erotic content that we find today. 

Thus began the "Dark Passenger Diary", which I am thrilled to share with you. With X's complete disinterest in the public eye, I have taken on the role as content curator and point of contact. 

Welcome to our dreamland, I hope you enjoy your stay.


J Louise Winter

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